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Becoming A Genius

A genius is thought to be someone who has very high intelligence quotient (I.Q), good memory and excellence. But somehow, by insight, the definition is changing. I would rather define a genius as a person with unmatchable drive for accomplishments. A restless and persistent person, who is not easily deterred by obstacles, but is determined to reach the goal at all cost. Most people who are regarded as geniuses today are known for such massive drive. Talk about Thomas Edison who invented the electric bulb for instance, he is said to have tried the experiment several hundred times before he achieved the correct result. And when he was asked, “How many times did you fail?”He said, “I never failed once, I only learnt how many ways it cannot be done.”


It Is A Matter Of The Heart!

Being a genius is a matter of the heart. The heart of man is his driving force. The brain can be limited, but the heart has no limit. If the heart is strong and the brain is deficient, the heart can upgrade its deficiency into high efficiency. So, being a genius goes beyond having ideas and innovations, even though that is part of it. It is not enough to be creative, you must have the inner drive to implement your creativity, otherwise it is useless.


It is observed that most people who make good grades in School soon settle down due to a sense of achievement. But someone who was once at the tail of the class with a strong inner drive can one day pick up the pieces of his failure and turn it into success. But the people who have never failed before may never wake up with a drive to be a genius in life.


A Genius is not necessarily a professional but is versatile in various fields of life, and is sometimes recognized as an authority in those fields. Benjamin Franklin had only two years of formal education, but due to the impact of his contributions on his nation, there is a day dedicated to him in America, a holiday that is observed yearly. That means, the man is worth the economy of that nation for one day. Think about that!


You have to wake up your heart. This must have been the secret of king David in the Bible. We were never told that he went to military school, yet he became Saul’s Armour bearer in his youth. He was a man who was continually making attempts. He attempted the bear, the lion and then Goliath, and he brought all of them down. His ingenuity superseded the efforts of Saul and the entire army of Israel(1Sam. 17:34-50). You too can be a genius if only you can follow the lifestyle of a genius.


The Life Style Of A Genius

*     Puts God first: A Genius puts God first in his life. Though many things clamor for his attention and devotion, like his hobbies, friends, Television programme, facebook, telephone calls, text messages, etc. the demands and distractions of life, yet a Genius puts God first. Many people miss out on becoming what God created them to be because they fail to put God first in their lives. How many of the things that occupy your time, money, thoughts and attention have taken the place where God is supposed to be? “Firsts” are important to God. Remember, in the First Commandment, God said, You shall have no other gods before me” (Exodus 20:3). Put simply, He wants to be first in everything. He wants to be your number one priority. When you put God first, everything else in your life will line up, too.


Putting God first in your life demands seeking Him. It calls for intentionally pursuing Him ûrst in your daily actions, from the moment your alarm goes off until you fall asleep again. It demands praying and asking for His guidance not only when things go wrong, but on every occasion. By encountering Him through His Word and listening to how He wants you to live it every day.  By allowing His word to direct your daily activities will make you to be a genius. This was seen in Daniel that above his compatriots he was found most preferred (Dan.1:8-20;6:1-3).


*     Embraces God’s wisdom:This avalanche of ingenuity can only be contacted through the wisdom of God. No wonder the Bible says, “Wisdom is the principal thing, therefore get wisdom:and with all thy getting get understanding” (Prov.4:7).The wisdom spoken about here is God’s wisdom. It was God’s wisdom that made king Solomon to be a genius among the kings of his time (1Kings 3:10-12).  It was God’s wisdom that made Daniel to be a genius in his own time. You too can be a genius if only you can embrace God’s wisdom by meditating on God’s word and acting on it accordingly (Joshua 1:8; Psa.1:2, 3; Prov.8:33, 34), by provoking God with your sacrificial giving (1Kings 3:3-12), by heeding Godly counsel, by associating with the wise (Prov.14:16), by your consecration to God (Dan.1:8), by asking for it in faith (James 1:3-5), and by making use of it.


*     Embraces each day with optimism: A Genius embraces each day with optimism. His mentality is, “Today will be better than yesterday.”He abhors failure and sees every step as adding to or improving his efforts towards the achievement of his ultimate goal. An optimist will always like to return to his work so as to improve on what he could not do well the previous day. Let your soul be driven towards the things you have to achieve in life. There is so much to do that you don’t have enough time to concentrate on the past failure, so embrace each day with optimism!


*     Does Not Evade Work: A Genius is diligent in his work (Prov.22:29). He confronts his work until it is accomplished. He works as a crusader because he sees every task as something that must be accomplished. So, he sits down  with it and faces it squarely till he achieves the desired result.


*     He Is Creative: A Genius neither settles with the status quo nor with routine. He craves and pursues new things because he wants to create a new order. You can’t make a mark if you are not looking for something new. If you are the type of student who returns his assignments to the teacher or lecturer the same way it was given to him like the unfaithful servant in the parable of talents Jesus spoke about, then you cannot be a genius, you will only end up a failure. What impressed the master of the three servants in the parable of talents was the fact that the two servants who were given five and two talents didn’t just return with the same number that were given to them, rather they went and multiplied them into ten and four respectively. And the master said to each of them, “Well done, good and faithful servant” (Matt. 25:14-22). So a genius is a good and faithful servant that is creative.


*     Strives To Improve Daily: A genius always looks out for areas of lapses and weaknesses, work hard to discover his shortcomings and deficiencies and then takes steps to improve on them before anybody discovers them. A genius doesn’t wait to be corrected because of his commitment to self-improvement.


When you put these six things into practice you will become a Genius and you will change your world in Jesus’ name.

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